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41 The Use of Social Media in Enacting Emotional Care to Elderly People During the Covid-19 Pandemic : Empirical Evidence from Rwanda Irambeshya, Albert 2023
40 “Hanging out” with judicial and legal elites: Reflections on researching “up” Kisakye, Diana 2023
36 Modalities of Forgetting : A Refusal of Memory Among Post-Conflict Samburu and Pokot, Kenya Holtzman, Jon 2023
35 Ọ̀rúnmìliàn Film-Philosophy : An African Philosophy through Cinematic Storytelling Bello, Saheed Adesumbo 2023
34 Media Transnationalism and the Politics of ‘Feminised Corruption’ Omotoso, Sharon Adetutu 2023
33 Live as African : On the Relevance of Thomas Sankara’s Agenda for Economic Liberation Sylla, Ndongo Samba 2022
32 "Social media is for the elite" : Local political communication in Ghana in times of COVID-19 Sabbi, Matthew ; Neubert, Dieter ; Stroh, Alexander 2022
31 Future Africa?! Timescapes and the Flattening of Time in the Modern Era Lachenicht, Susanne 2022
30 Disputed Meanings of Women’s Liberation : Social Tensions and Symbolic Struggles During Angolan Independence Figueiredo, Fábio Baqueiro 2022
29 Une étude comparative des discours sur le Covid-19 en Côte d'Ivoire et au Cameroun beaucoup de peur et de questionnement Drescher, Martina ; Boukari, Oumarou ; Ngawa Mbaho, Carline Liliane 2022
28 The Committee and the Uncommitted : Material Assistance to Members in Need at a Pentecostal Church in Western Kenya Kroeker, Lena ; Gez, Yonatan N. 2022
27 Fieldwork Experiences and Practices in Africa Adjirakor, Nikitta ; Ajayi, Oladapo Opeyemi ; Alhassane, Najoum A. ; Ayeh, Anna Madeleine ; Diman, Hanza ; Yuan, Mingqing 2021
26 COVID-19 and (Im)mobilities in West Africa Breuer, Andras ; Doevenspeck, Martin ; Donko, Kamal ; Ouedraogo, Serge 2021
25 African Studies and the Question of Diasporas Bewaji, John Ayotunde (Tunde) Isola 2021
24 Figuring out how to Reconfigure African Studies Seesemann, Rüdiger 2020
23 Gender and Social Encounters : Experiences from Africa Ahmed, Umar ; Asaaju, Morenikeji ; Balogun, Adeyemi ; Memusi, Shillah S. ; Alhassane, Najoum A. ; Reich, Hanna Lena 2019
22 Who runs the municipality? : The intractable interest of neo-traditional actors in Ghana’s local state Sabbi, Matthew 2018
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