EPub Bayreuth Help

Who is eligible for publishing on EPub Bayreuth?

In order to archive and manage documents on EPub Bayreuth, you have to be a staff member of the University of Bayreuth. Please use Log in on the homepage of EPub Bayreuth, then enter your user id (bt.....) and your password. In case of problems with the authentication process, please contact the IT Service Centre. If you are not a staff member of the University of Bayreuth, e.g. during your PhD studies, please contact the EPub team. Students can not use their id (s...) to log in.

What types of documents may be published on EPub Bayreuth?

  • monographs (complete or chapters, volumes of series)
  • complete issues of a journal
  • articles in journals or newspapers
  • conference reports, conference items
  • reports, preprints, reviews
  • working papers, project reports, research reports, evaluations
  • University of Bayreuth theses that are necessary for the award of a degree (PhD thesis, habilitation, bachelor thesis, master thesis, diploma, admission thesis; no course assignments)

Detailed information on the different types of publications is available during the archiving process. References for administrative publications and for documents of short-term value, e.g. course directories, invitations, etc. may not be archived on EPub Bayreuth.

What data is necessary to enter an item?

  • Basic bibliographic data as for instance first and last name of the author/authors, their contact data, title of the publication, if applicable: title of the journal or monograph, place of publication, publisher, date of publication, keywords, DDC classification. Other data might be necessary depending on the type of publication.
  • Abstracts in up to two languages are optional (obligatory for theses). Adding abstracts is recommended as it increases the visibility of your publication.
  • For publications that are the output of a research project, it is necessary to enter information on the project title and on financing. The FP7 Grant Agreement Number is obligatory for FP7 projects.

In addition, it is necessary to provide the document you plan to publish in electronic form, e.g. as a pdf.

How do I publish a document?

After logging in you will be taken to the Manage Deposit screen. Here, you can see a list of your existing items. The following processes can be started from this screen:

  • Creating a new item.
  • Importing an item from another source, e.g. in XML format.
  • Editing previously saved items.
  • Review of previously saved items.

During the process of creating a new item, it is possible to save the data entered so far and continue at a later time, if, for instance, important information is missing.

After completing the process by clicking the relevant button, your new item will be reviewed by a member of the EPub team. Your data will be checked for formal and functional problems before the document is published or an editor contacts you to clarify questions.

How do I enter special characters?

If you need to use special characters, e.g. superscript/subscript numbers or characters from non-latin alphabets, you may use the relevant utf characters from this page https://eref.uni-bayreuth.de/help/utf8.html to copy and enter them into the entry forms.

How do I preselect the institution and the subject area for my items?

Select the menu item User profile after completing the log in process. Use the button Edit to view Preselected institution and DDC subject area. Select one or more institutions and one or more subject areas from the DDC and use the button Add. Finish by using the button Save and Return. The selected items will be preselected for all new items. Changing the preselection in your user profile is possible at any time.

May I make changes to my metadata on EPub Bayreuth?

As long as an item is Under Review, it is possible to make changes to the metadata, e.g. correct a mistake in an author's name. In this status, it is also possible to change the pdf document. In order to do this, it is necessary to change the item's status to User Workarea. Select the item in the Manage items area of your account by clicking on View item (icon with magnifying glass) and then on the Actions tab. Select Return to Work Area, now the item is available in your User Workarea and you can make the necessary changes. Afterwards, deposit the item again, so that it might be reviewed by the EPub editors.
Items with the status Live Archive can only be changed by the EPub team.
Important: Documents/pdf may not be changed after publishing, with the exception of copyright infringement cases or similar.

Is it possible to change or delete pdf documents on EPub Bayreuth?

Changes: No, if a document's content is changed, it should be deposited as a new version (new edition).
Deletion: No, however, under special circumstances documents can be withdrawn, e.g. if there is a copyright infringement. The documents can then no longer be viewed by the public. The URL leads to an information page with a message that the document is not available.

Is it possible to publish a new version of an existing item?

If you plan to publish a newer version of an already published item, e.g. the new edition of a book, select the old version from the "Manage Deposit" screen and use "View Item". In case that the relevant item is not displayed, please check whether "Live Archive" is checked in the list of "Display all items with the status". Use the detailed display's "Actions" tab and select "New version" to generate a new version, which may be modified to fit your needs. After the publication of this new version, it is automatically linked with the previously existing item.

How do I use an item as a template for a new item?

It is possible to use one item as a template for a new item. Select the relevant item from the "Manage Deposit" screen and use "View Item". In case that the relevant item is not displayed, please check whether "Live Archive" is checked in the list of "Display all items with the status". Use the detailed display's "Actions" tab and select "Use as template" to generate a copy of the existing item, which may be modified to fit your new entry. There is no link between the two items.

What is a DOI/a URN and why do I need one?

Information on persistent identifiers may be found on a separate page.

Which legal aspects do I have to consider?

Before uploading a document with your item, it is obligatory to check whether this might constitute a violation of the rights of a third party (e.g. a publisher). EPub Bayreuth does not limit your right to a subsequent publication of the document on another platform. Please check whether your publisher allows the document's publication on an institutional repository and whether any conditions have to be fulfilled before publication. Basic information can be found in the SHERPA/RoMEO list at https://www.sherpa.ac.uk/search.php. In case of a temporary blocking period stipulated by your publisher, please enter the relevant data and upload the document now. The item will be blocked from public display until the blocking period is over.

Please make sure that you are the sole holder of rights and have the necessary rights of use. In case of works edited by you, it is necessary to obtain consent from all authors involved. The authors are liable for the content of the published text. The University Library does not accept liability for the content of publications or for included links.

The user reading the document is responsible for compliance with any legal regulations and may be held liable for any misuse.

What about licences for my work?

As the author you can decide on the conditions of use for your work if you upload a document. These conditions are determined through the licences. EPub Bayreuth gives you the option to choose between different types of licences, e.g. Creative Commons Licences or German Copyright Law. The Creative Commons copyright licences and tools provide a balance inside the traditional framework of "All rights reserved" framework of copyright law. Documents that are provided in electronic form on data networks are protected by copyright law if no other arrangements exist.
More information and tips on how to select a licence type can be found in the Practical Guide to Using Creative Commons Licences.

What do I have to consider if I would like to deposit a thesis?

Information on depositing a thesis may be found on a separate webpage.

What specific features are relevant for depositing a bachelor, master, diploma or admission thesis?

For the publication of a bachelor, master, diploma or admission thesis, it is also necessary to sign a publication contract. The contract can be printed out during the online registration of your thesis.

In order to ensure the quality standards of EPub Bayreuth, it is necessary to have the publication of a bachelor, master, diploma or admission thesis approved by the relevant professor who has to sign the publication contract.

Where can I find information on Open Access?

Open Access (OA) means the free access to scholarly publications. The documents are freely available on the internet and can be read, downloaded, copied, distributed and printed free of charge. All rights to the work remain with the author.

Scholarly articles in open access journals are thus quickly and easily available to a global public, they can be found more easily, distributed and used. The quality control usually takes place in the same way as for traditional journals.

Further information on open access in general and concerning the University of Bayreuth can be found on the following pages:
Open Access strategy of the University of Bayreuth (German)
Homepage of the University Library
Information platform Open Access
Directory of Open Access Journals

What does "EPub Bayreuth is OpenAIRE compliant" mean?

OpenAIRE (Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe) is an Open-Access-project of the European Union for setting up an electronic research-infrastructure. The aim is to provide a vast visibility and world-wide access to projects promoted by the EU and related publications.

The Open-Access-pilot-project, which is part both of the Seventh-Research-Framework-Programme (FP7-Pilot) and Horizon 2020 (H2020), obliges Open-Access publication. According to the Open-Access-pilot-project, the European Commission clearly demands from scientists to release their publications or final versions of their manuscripts by adding them to an appropriate subject-specific or institutional repository (like EPub Bayreuth). Assuming this is not possible in first, scientists are demanded to ensure free access to these articles within six or twelve months after their publication.

The requirements of FP7-Pilot apply to each manuscript which is a result of research promoted by an ERC- or FP7-project and which belongs to one of seven chosen research areas: energy, environment (including climate change), health, information and communication technologies, research infrastructures (electronic infrastructures), science in society, socio-economic sciences and humanities. In sense of Horizon 2020, the Open-Access-pilot is obligatory for all promotion recipients.

Documents from EU-projects, that are subject to Open-Access publication duty (H2020, FP7 with SC39, ERC), will be harvested by the EU. Therefore, those documents must be specified by indentifiers. In EPub Bayreuth, this can be done by filling particular fields in the "Additional details" area.

EPub Bayreuth is validated for OpenAIRE 3.0. This version enables this repository not only to publish documents related to FP7- or Horizon 2020-projects. Documents from Non-EU-projects linked to OpenAIRE and documents from projects supported by other promoters can be published as well with EPub Bayreuth.

How can I register my works published on EPub Bayreuth with the VG Wort?

If you would like to register your EPub publication (including secondary publications) with the VG Wort (Copyright collecting agency WORT) for so-called "special royalties" (Sonderausschüttung), it is necessary to enter into an administration agreement with the VG Wort. Please use the registration portal "Report texts online" (T.O.M.) to participate.

Further information (mostly in German only) concerning the "special royalties" are available at https://www.vgwort.de/verguetungen/auszahlungen/texte-im-internet.html, details of the conditions of participation in T.O.M. (T.exte O.nline M.elden) can be found at https://tom.vgwort.de/portal/showParticipationCondition.

EPub Bayreuth does not participate in the logging of views via METIS.