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Welcome to EPub Bayreuth

What is EPub Bayreuth?

EPub Bayreuth is the institutional repository of the University of Bayreuth. Employees of the University of Bayreuth can upload their scholarly full-text documents (e.g. theses, working papers, conference papers) to EPub Bayreuth themselves after registration and publish them in Open Access without additional costs. Both an Open Access first publication via the so-called golden path and a publication within the framework of secondary publication rights via the so-called green path are possible. In addition to the publication of individual works, EPub Bayreuth also offers the opportunity of publishing a chair's or research project's series of publications in Open Access.

Currently there are 5121 entries in EPub.

In terms of content, EPub Bayreuth's structure mirrors the organisation of the University. The bibliographic data of documents published on EPub Bayreuth will automatically be transferred to ERef Bayreuth, the University's bibliography.

EPub Bayreuth is validated for OpenAIRE 3.0. With this version, publications that originated within the context of FP7 or Horizon2020 projects as well as publications of non-EU projects related to OpenAIRE and publications of projects of other funders (e.g. Wellcome Trust) can be published on EPub Bayreuth.

Open Access Strategie der Universität Bayreuth

In accordance with its Open Access Strategy, the University of Bayreuth is committed to the principles of Open Access publishing and supports sustainable change in the academic publishing and communication culture. EPub Bayreuth is an important part of the University of Bayreuth's Open Access efforts and enables researchers to make their publications visible and freely accessible worldwide without additional costs. EPub Bayreuth is embedded in the international project Open Archives Initiative. The contents of the repository can be found using a variety of search engines (OAIster, BASE, Google Scholar, etc.). The repository therefore increases the visibility of the University of Bayreuth's research activities.

Additional information

EPub Bayreuth supports OAI 2.0 with a base URL of
EPub Bayreuth verwendet EPrints 3, eine von der University of Southampton entwickelte Open Source Software.