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Ende, L. Marie ; Hummel, Lukas ; Lauerer, Marianne:
Dispersal and persistence of cup plant seeds (Silphium perfoliatum): do they contribute to potential invasiveness?
In: Plant Ecology and Evolution. Vol. 157 (2024) Issue 1 . - pp. 75-87.
ISSN 2032-3913
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Ende, L. Marie ; Schwarzer, Sophie-Juliane ; Ebner, Alexandra ; Lauerer, Marianne:
Competitiveness of the Exotic Silphium perfoliatum against the Native Urtica dioica: A Field Experiment.
In: International Journal of Ecology. (2023) . - 5512148.
ISSN 1687-9716
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Ende, L. Marie ; Lauerer, Marianne:
Spreading of the cup plant (Silphium perfoliatum) in northern Bavaria (Germany) from bioenergy crops.
In: NeoBiota. Vol. 79 (2022) . - pp. 87-105.
ISSN 1619-0033
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Ende, L. Marie ; Knöllinger, Katja ; Keil, Moritz ; Fiedler, Angelika J. ; Lauerer, Marianne:
Possibly Invasive New Bioenergy Crop Silphium perfoliatum : Growth and Reproduction Are Promoted in Moist Soil.
In: Agriculture. Vol. 11 (1 January 2021) Issue 24 .
ISSN 2077-0472
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Ende, L. Marie ; Lauerer, Marianne:
Spontanvorkommen der Silphie im Bayreuther Raum: birgt diese neue Bioenergiepflanze ein Invasionspotenzial?
In: Natur und Landschaft. (2020) Issue 7 . - pp. 310-315.
ISSN 0028-0615
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Doctoral thesis

Ende, L. Marie:
Birgt der Hoffnungsträger unter den Bioenergiepflanzen ein invasives Potenzial? : Autökologie, Konkurrenzverhalten und Spontanvorkommen der Durchwachsenen Silphie (Silphium perfoliatum).
Bayreuth , 2023 . - 121 P.
( Doctoral thesis, 2023 , University of Bayreuth, Faculty of Biology, Chemistry and Earth Sciences)

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